There are moments in your life where a first impression comes into play. That is the moment in which you hope that you gave a good impression and cringe when you remember that it was a bad impression. I can probably count on one hand how many times I have honked my horn in traffic or at another car. Why you may ask?? I remember reading a story about how a man was driving for an interview and not only was blowing his horn at the person in front but cut them off for the parking spot. As the man waited to be interviewed the interviewer walks in and it turned out to be the person that he not only honked at but cut for the parking spot. In terms of first impression i know that individual was cringing on the inside. I look at every encounter whether direct or indirect as an opportunity for a first impression. Whether I meet them know or down the line. I try not to have cringe worthy moments. Today I bumped into an old client of mine. While our encounters were never wonderful I still said hello and tried to have a conversation. however, today I passed her off to another associate not because I was unwilling to help but because I knew. I knew that if the conversation went beyond the pleasantries it would not be good. I have had recent encounters with them that started of nice and always ended with a bad taste in my mouth. I chose to stick to pleasantries and allow someone else to help them. Although it may seem as if I am passing the buck I look at it as understanding my limitations.

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