Is it not always fascinating the buildings that you see when you are driving through a neighborhood. Some times it can be as simple as going a block and you move from a ghetto to overly priced apartments. This all happens because someone decides that these buildings should be worth more than the buildings across the street. This then causes problems because the residents of those buildings can no longer afford the cost of living from the buildings across the street.

New residents then come in and the neighborhood then brings in more high end stores to bring in more high end customers. know those mid range customers are know low end customers and can not even afford the price of bread in that community. They have been pushed out and many of them can not bounce back and then are pushed unto the streets.

We see them driving, or maybe we see them standing n front of a building begging for change. Some of us will give out the change that we have in our pockets. Others will give a look of disgust at this person who is ruining their neighborhood. Then there those who judge and scream at telling them to get their lives together there are options out there for them. We don’t look at tit like this may have been their neighborhood first and because of gentrification they were not on]ly pushed out but pushed unto the streets and they do not have anyone to offer that helping hand to help them get back on their feet. I look at it as if something was to happen would there people offering me a helping hand or would I have people judging me, and telling me to do better???

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