There is a saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Many of us have heard some variations of it growing up. Whether it is don’t follow after friends or for you to be grateful for what you have. We all hear it and usually that it is the end of the conversation. For whatever reason you are left upset or sad because it didn’t go your way. Then a few days, weeks, or months later something happens and your parent comes back with that “I told you so” and you have to admit that in that instant the grass was not greener. However, if we are all getting those same conversations then why are we so inclined to go to the other side. What is it with the “keeping up with Jonas” that makes us do things that put more hardships on ourselves to look a certain way?? Do we need to downgrade who we want to look like or is their a balance between the grass and where we are right know??

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