So today, I was having a conversation with two of my nieces. One is going to be 18 and is getting ready to head to college in the fall and the other is going to be 17 and is gearing up for her senior year. Our conversation started of with us discussing which school she … Continue reading

What is consistency. Something that I have failed at horribly in terms of my own work. For example, My goal was to psoton a day to day basis and I am not doing that. I have 2 novels that I am working on and supposed to have finished last year and they are both at … Continue reading

Sorry I have been of this for awhile. Therr has been a lot of new situations going on with this pandemic. Plus I have been feeling really depressed and lonely lately. So, I have been working through this entire pandemic. Apart from the usual vacation which I didn't really go anywhere because everything is shut … Continue reading